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Date of issue:2021-07-20  Reading volume:2315

 On June 1, wei ZhuoLi ceramics chairman Liang Yanwen Pan Haifeng, financial general manager, general manager of Feng Xiantang, production, sales general manager wang ren, procurement Zhang Yitian, general manager, executive general manager feng show just Feng Xianye, OEM manager and other senior leaders a line to the guangdong zhaoqing production base, to participate the ShengTao xin enterprise 4 kiln ignition ceremony.

   The successful ignition of no. 4 kiln not only symbolizes the passing on of the ingenuity spirit and superb technology of Wezoli ceramics, but also reflects the improvement of the production competitiveness of Wezoli ceramics in terms of products and technology, as well as the best certification of the strong strength of the brand.

 Ignition success, strength more on a step

2021 is an extremely difficult year, especially for the ceramic industry. Sharp changes in the market environment and increasingly serious product homogeneity make the whole ceramic industry face a severe test, and many brands are therefore deterred. However, Weizhuoli ceramics against the market operation, on the basis of not reducing the cost of research and development, increase the investment in production equipment, improve the speed of production line operation, to promote productivity curve overtaking.

It is reported that the fourth production line mainly produces 800x800 full-body marble, the entire production line uses Keda production equipment, keda system as the production core, to create intelligent product production line, for the production of high-quality ceramic tile products to provide an important guarantee.

Intelligent upgrade, start a new chapter of production

In the face of such complex and unpredictable market changes, Weizoli ceramics accelerates the scientific layout of the production base and constantly expands capacity. For example, the Zhaoqing production base has 5 kilns:
The no.1 kiln mainly produces 400x800MM products with a daily capacity of 40,000 square meters;
Kiln No. 2 mainly produces 600x600MM antique bricks, with a daily capacity of 35,000 square meters;
Kiln No. 3 mainly produces 750x1500MM full-body large plates with a daily capacity of 30,000 square meters.
Kiln no. 4 and No. 5 mainly produce 800x800MM full-body marble and crystal marble, with a daily capacity of up to 25,000 square meters per kiln.

In addition to zhaoqing production base, Another green intelligent production base is also set up in Enping, Guangdong. The two production bases operate simultaneously, escorting the stable production capacity of Shengtaoxin.
This zhaoqing factory no. 4 production line officially put into operation, will provide more abundant, high-end high-quality products for Weizhuoli ceramics, inject new impetus for the development of enterprises, but also for the majority of consumers to provide better quality, more secure ceramic products.

Address: No.1, taozhong Road, Huaxia Ceramics Expo City, Chancheng District, Foshan City
Production address: No.2 puqiao Industrial Avenue, Shahu Town, Enping City / Songlong Industrial Park, Baitu Town, Gaoyao District, Zhaoqing City


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