Weizhuoli whole body marble tile, wonderful more than one side
Date of issue:2021-07-21  Reading volume:1545
The world is so colorful, how can life stay the same!
The whole body marble tile of Weizhuoli Ceramics is transparent to the end, whether it is a single piece of paving, or multi-faceted combination application, perfect deduce the amazing space effect!


Weizhuoli full-body marble tiles perform well in the application of paving and pasting. Whether it is edge grinding, chamfering, slotting and cutting, the effect can be comparable to that of natural stone, truly achieving the "inside and outside".


The formation of natural stone material, it is the result of nature and time action, after experiencing the baptism of thousands of years, although had beautiful and bright-coloured appearance. But it has weakened its physical characteristics in deep processing is prone to crack gap, and marble tile is made through advanced technology, its Mohs hardness is as high as 6 or more, in deep processing is not easy to damage.
Weizhuoli whole body marble tile is based on the world rare stone, through the sublimation of design and technology, to achieve a multi-faceted stone, unlimited grain stone effect, giving space more possibilities!




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