Burn! Burn! Burn! Weizhuoli No. 5 kiln ignition and production!
Date of issue:2021-07-22  Reading volume:1746

 Burn! Burn! Burn! Weizhuoli No. 5 kiln ignition and production!

 On June 5th, Chairman Feng Xiantang and the directors of the two production bases jointly participated in the ignition ceremony of no. 5 kiln in Zhaoqing factory of Weizhuoli Ceramics.

The no. 5 kiln will be put into use recently with no. 4 kiln, marking the brand in the production strength of the development of a new level, is another major event on the development milestone!

It is reported that the ignition of no. 5 kiln intelligent production line and no. 4 kiln, the main production of full-body marble, is also the use of Keda system of production equipment, with fine, digital scientific production management mode, to create a set of keda system as the core of the axis of the production system.

Previously, ZhuoLi ceramic denounce is gigantic endowment, respectively set up in guangdong zhaoqing and guangdong enping two intelligent environmental protection green production base, both base used is the latest intelligent production equipment, comprehensive intelligence, informationization, greening in the integration of domestic intelligent firing roller kiln, as well as the industry advanced press, cloth, furnace, etc.
In the future, Weizhuoli ceramics will play its production advantages, with more advanced technology, more excellent quality for weizhuoli friends to provide a full range of products and services, improve the market share, for the majority of consumers to create a green livable dream home.

Address: No.1, taozhong Road, Huaxia Ceramics Expo City, Chancheng District, Foshan City
Production address: No.2 puqiao Industrial Avenue, Shahu Town, Enping City / Songlong Industrial Park, Baitu Town, Gaoyao District, Zhaoqing City


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